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"It's time to level up!"

Juanita Beard for Peninsula School District Board Pos. 5


Meet Juanita

As a working, married mother in Gig Harbor, with two kids attending Harbor Heights Elementary, I believe I can bring a much-needed, fresh perspective to the Peninsula School District Board.

My sincere passion is ensuring all children across our district have access to high-quality education.

It is my duty as a public advocate whose focus is improving the lives of children who are often overlooked, to stand for equity, inclusion, and diversity. I stand for those who feel marginalized, unseen, and unheard. Our district is ready for these growth opportunities, and I believe I am the right person to champion them and bring much-needed diversity to the board.

Peninsula School District should offer the best education possible to support pathways ranging from college, to trade school, to military service. To do that however, we must address the lack of social-emotional, physical, and mental-health support for our kids. Meeting these needs means students graduate on-time, prepared for their future.

Our community – our students, our educators, our staff, and our families – have faced numerous challenges this past year during the pandemic. As a licensed mental health professional, I see this impact firsthand: fellow parents struggling to adjust to working from home while balancing their kids remote learning; students struggling with the emotional effects of isolation; and educators who feel torn between their passion and the need to support their own families.

Now, more than ever, is the time to bring someone – such as myself – who is equipped to handle these feelings and ensure this district is accountable for improved communication, transparency across the system, and is engaged in critical conversations that advance the lives of those in our community.

Everyone deserves a voice, and I hear you. If elected as your newest board member, I want to partner with you to welcome and embrace change for the better. Together, we can realize this vision for our community.


Take Part in Something Great

Educational Equity & Student Advocacy

We need to develop and leverage existing district resources to foster authentic dialogues about the real needs of our district. We should be empowering families and educators to elevate students who are at risk of falling through institutional cracks.

Advancing educational equity and student advocacy means ensuring no student goes feeling unheard when they bring forward experiences of bullying and harassment. We have an opportunity to make good on the Peninsula Promise and implement policies and procedures that take action to address these concerns while providing support in particularly vulnerable times.


Administrative Accountability & Community Accessibility

Bringing greater accountability to the school administration and making the school board accessible to the community means bridging the gap between the two through oversight that’s transparent and built on trust. If elected, I'm dedicated to going beyond the minimum standards of accessibility and accountability to make board meetings a welcoming, community space for everyone.

Increasing Access to Mental Health Resources

We must address the immediate mental health concerns of students — including feelings of pandemic-related social isolation — that our district isn’t equipped to handle. Meeting student needs will involve coordinating grant opportunities that improve the school’s offering of health clinic services and informing faculty and students of the aid available to them to lower the barrier to entry.

Resource Sustainability

Our most valuable resource is our faculty and staff; supporting this critical foundation with the proper tools, training, and facilities ensures the success of our student. I want to work alongside the hardworking folks at our schools to create a district where the work is rewarding and challenging — mitigating staff burnout and frustration.



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